Castles Made of Sand

2 12 2011


Writer / artist Terry Castle shares with Zoom Street an abiding love for all things paper and ephemeral.

Castle’s mixed-media work is the featured portfolio in the December issue of ZS.

She is the author of many books–including The Apparitional Lesbian (1993), Boss Ladies, Watch Out!–Women, Sex & Writing (2003), the prize-winning collection The Literature of Lesbianism: A Historical Anthology from Ariosto to Stonewall (2003), and most recently, The Professor and Other Writings (2010), a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her essays, book reviews, and autobiographical pieces have appeared in the London Review of Books, Atlantic, New Republic, Slate, the Paris Review, New York Magazine, and many other periodicals. 

Castle’s work as a visual artist has lately come to play an ever-more central part in her creative and intellectual life.  A self-described image junkie, she currently maintains two blogs:  Fevered Brain Productions, devoted to her own paintings, collage, photographs, digital imagery, and mixed-media works; and A Postcard Almanac, featuring samples from her overflowing collection of books, vintage postcards, ephemera, anonymous photographs, and 19th-century tintypes.   Among her artistic inspirations:  20th- and 21st-century graphic art, photography, typography and book design; various heroes and heroines of collage (Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, Jess, Cecil Beaton, John Evans, John Ashbery, Joe Brainard); anonymous scrapbooks and trade cards;  contemporary zines; graffiti and street art, and especially Outsider Art, a subject on which she has recently written for the London Review of Books.




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